Unique Lalique Mascots Vol. 3

Promotional model Lizzie is holding Vol. 3 along side Vol's 1 & 2 (on the stand beside her)

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RENÉ JULES LALIQUE (in his formative years) master glass artisan of the art deco period.

Welcome to: www.uniquelaliquemascots.co.uk


Welcome to: www.uniquelaliquemascots.co.uk also to: www.uniquelaliquemascots.com

Overview CV (courtesy of 'Auctionata' the German online auction house company).

We would like to introduce you to Geoffrey George Weiner, Auctionata expert in Lalique Car Mascots and Automobilia.

Geoffrey George Weiner, I.A.M., O.T.R., C.S.M.A. is an expert in Automobilia specializing in fine Lalique car mascots. He has been in the automotive business for over 30 years and previously dealt in arms and militaria prior to that.

His passion developed early at the tender age of 13 working for Roy Butler of the famed BBC Antiques Roadshow. In the late 1970's, Geoffrey worked at his shop in Kingston-upon-Thames selling all sorts of militaria along with automobilia, mainly motoring badges and mascots. 

His interests are diverse and include old toy pedal cars: he had built a collection of more than fifty. One of these was a special order made as a birthday present for HRH Prince William from his mother the (late) Lady Diana, Princess of Wales (all since sold off long ago!). He now runs a collectors' club and Gallery in Brighton devoted to Lalique automotive mascots.
Mr. Weiner has advised many auction houses and worked as the automobilia consultant for a well-known UK auction house. He is also a consultant for the Miller's Collector's Cars price guide as well as their art, antiques and collectibles price guides. He has published several books on the subject of collecting, and is currently writing a second follow-up book on the subject of Lalique car mascots.

He has appeared on many television programs and radio shows speaking on his areas of expertise. Recently, Geoffrey appeared on the collectibles show 'Masterpiece' and BBC’s 'Dealers – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is'.

Mr. Weiner deals at this moment exclusively in the artwork of René Lalique (French, 1860–1945) being the designer of Art Deco glass car mascots, desk ornaments & paperweights.

Geoffrey George Weiner lives and works in Brighton & London.


Boxed Lalique.

We carry a large range of deleted (from the range) Lalique mascots, desk ornaments, paperweights & book-ends mint & boxed. All sold with their original factory warrenty certicificates

Mint & Boxed Lalique

Lalique exhibition in London.... more to follow like this in the future....


Unique Lalique Mascots Vol. 1

Unique Lalique Mascots books in stock...

Title: "Unique Lalique Mascots Vol. 1 sub-title: The automotive radiator hood ornaments of master glass artisan R. Lalique, including auction realisation prices by G.G. Weiner" published by The Book Guild Ltd.

The launch of Vol. 1 at The Worthing Comunity Centre Art Deco Fair (after the official launch at Waterstones book store in Brighton).

Both Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 were published at £35 each plus p&p... However we have a few only Vol. 1 at £75 each which is a great saving on the eBay and Amazon asking prices!

Unique Lalique Mascots Vol. 2

Unique Lalique Mascots books in stock...

Title: "Unique Lalique Mascots Vol. 2 sub-title: The automotive radiator hood & desk ornaments of master glass artisan R. Lalique, including auction realisation prices with French & English captions by G.G. Weiner" published by Grosvenor House Publishing Co. Ltd.

Unique Lalique Mascots books....

Lalique promotional brochures, catalogues, magazines and other related material in stock.

Book review in Classic Motor Monthly magazine.

We always carry a fine selection of post ww2 to modern day Lalique mint & boxed items now deleted from their catalogue range, so they should prove to be true 'blue-chip' investment pieces for the future!

We have access to many rare & unique pieces as shown here....

This rare Hibou (Owl) mascot was badly damaged when the Bugatti Type 57 it was mounted on had an accident when it crashed and rolled over in 1932. The mascot survived on its original metal radiator cap!

Background image of Bugatti Type 57 courtesy of Ivan Dutton (Bugatti cars) Ltd.

Renard (Fox)

Renard (Fox) Car Mascot by Lalique catalogue reference No. 1182 introduced onto the market on 19th December 1930.

This is an extremely rare and the rarest of all the Lalique Car Mascots or Hood Ornaments. This is made in clear and frosted glass.

They were made with a grove moulded into the base to be fitted onto chrome plated or polished steel radiator caps, which comprised of a hollow interior with a light bulb and coloured filters for illumination, wired up to the cars battery.

These were produced for them made by a separate manufacturer The Breves Galleries in London, England (who were incidentally the only British company allowed to retail the mascots outside of France at that time).

Their cost in the Art Deco period was around £50 a substantial sum in those days. Meaning that they did not sell very well and were soon withdrawn from the market, together with Hibou (Owl) which was of a similar cost.

The provenance on this superb motoring item came by descent through the family of Richard Webster (English/Canadian). Webster was a racing car driver, driving sporting Bentleys at Brooklands in the "Bentley Boys" era of daring do's... Dr. Benjafield, Capt. 'Tim' Birkin, Wolf Banato, Kindston, Kensington-Moir et al. according to family history.

This is no doubt how this prized hood ornament came into the family’s possession given Webster’s occupation at that time. The signature 'R. Lalique, France' is correctly stencilled on the rim of this mascot. For price comparison another example of this car mascot in almost perfect condition sold in London for over £300,000 in 2017.

According to several experts and published sources there are now only about a dozen (including two factory colour test piece) of this car mascot extant in the world, most reside in museums. So it is incredibly rare!

Condition: There is a very noticeable chip on the nose of the mascot, as well as a slight chip on the left ear. There is a visible scratch on the base of the mascot near its left rear leg, with the usual rubbing to the bottom of the base.

Dimensions: H 3.15 in. x W 8.27 in. x D 3.25 in.

Price: £150,000.00


The fur is so detailed on this rare piece!


Damage to head, one ear, scratch to base rim and marks to underneath the base.,


Full bushy tail!


Correct factory signature 'R. Lalique France' which is stencilled onto the upper rim of the base.


Damage to the front of the nose of the face.

Rolls-Royce by Lalique

Rolls-Royce commissioned the Lalique factory to produce a limited edition of finely moulded statues of The Spirit of Ecstacy mascot for their 90th anniversary in 1994.

RR mascot by Lalique.

Each Rolls-Royce mascot was numbered along with the RR logo on the bottom of the base.

Each RR mascot was presented in a box and a slip-case with the Lalique factory certificate.

The Le Mans promotional stand at Retromobile with a Bugatti Type 35 race car. Lalique has produced three unique Bugatti Elephant mascots in a very limited production run in commemoration of Rembrandt Bugatti. Please enquire if interested.

Bugatti Elephant Rampant in clear & frosted chistal by Lalique. This is mounted onto the Bugatti radiator base.

Bugatti Elephant Rampante in clear & frosted and in amber christal. Four differnt colours were produced and all are sold mounted onto the special base (as detailed below) boxed with Lalique factory certificate.

Elephant Rampante in blue coloured christal showing detail of the unique Lalique factory produced base in chromed metal having the E B (Ettore Bugatti) initials cast into it.